Welcome to Taper Madness!!

Embrace the Madness!

If you're an experienced marathoner, you know what we're talkin' about. You trained hard for months on end. You put in the miles, did the pace runs, the speed work, the cross-training and the long, slow runs. Your body and mind have been stressed in various and sundry ways. Finally, you're ready. In the wait before the race you fret, you obsess, you hallucinate and hyperventilate. That's right, you've got "Taper Madness!"

All of you first-timers...trust us...you'll come to know this condition well. It's the Madness...we all have it. For some of us it's become a perpetual state of mind. But make no mistake, all of us succumb eventually. Embrace the Madness! It's OK, you're among friends. We understand.

Taper Madness is a site created exclusively by runners for all runners and endurance athletes. In our little virtual community ("Taper Town") we have gazelles and penguins. We have experienced marathoners, triathletes, ultra-runners, speedsters, newbies and every other runner ever created. We come in all shapes and sizes, political persuasions, moods, personalities and idiosyncrasies. We gather here because it takes one to know one. We're endurance athletes. We are crazy...just like you.

Taper Madness is a community of runners who love to share their passions, their dreams and their madness. Come on in and stay a while. Need training advice? You'll get truckloads. Something hurting? Don't worry. We have stretched, strained, blistered, ruptured, fractured and abused every sinew, muscle and bone in the human anatomy. Need a gadget or two? You'll get real user reviews. Need shoes, shorts, gels and singlets? We'll tell you what works, fits and functions (and what doesn't).

That's just the start of it. This is a community. Stay a while. Put down roots. The true joy in what we do lies in the people we meet, the experiences we share, the friendships we make, the Madness we embrace. Share a bit of yourself. Feeling scared? We've known that feeling. Proud? Yup, we know that feeling, too. Tired? Bawdy? Feisty? Rebellious? Lonely? Frustrated? Amazed? Amused? Intimidated? Perplexed? Overwhelmed? Yup, yup, yup, yup and yup...we understand. We've been there and felt that. Here in Taper Town there are no censors, no judges, no paragons or losers. Share a bit of yourself and we'll love you all the more. Taper Town is all about the hearts at the heart of things. All you need is a good heart to enter. Welcome! You've found your home!